Heroes Die completed recording of a six-song EP in September, 2018. We've listened to rough mixes of two tracks so far, and are waiting on the other four. The two rough tracks are ready to be polished into the final product. We hope that the rest of the tracks will follow soon.

Watch this space for updates!

Listen to the rough mix of "Hangdog" below:

About the Band

The Origin of Heroes Die

Heroes Die formed in June of 2011 when Steve Soldwedel (Cripplebush, Divided Front) and Robert Kleinendorst (Cripplebush, Shaggis Thrum, Subluminus), both long on hiatus from Cripplebush, and both of whom were sick of trolling ads for new bands, reconvened and said: "#$*@ it, let's start a new band."

They got to writing and rehearsing and, not long after, brought in Sean Mahoney (Subluminus) on bass. The group rehearsed as a power trio, but the songs demanded a second guitar. Kleinendorst brought in John Black, who lends his significant chops to the lead work of Heroes Die.

The band has played the Canal Room, Santos Party House, Sullivan Hall, and other venerable downtown venues, including Fontana's, where they had their inaugural gig. They're out to play every hall in town that can handle the weight.

Heroes Die is spreading its heavy, melodic brand of dirty blues- and funk-inspired rock and roll all over New York City.

Get ready to rock.

  • Rob gently caresses the microphone
    Rob Kleinendorst
    Vocals, Guitar
  • John plays hia guitar
    John Black
  • Sean plays the bass with a determined countenance
    Sean Mahoney
    Bass Guitar
  • Steve playing drums and singing with his eyes closed
    Steve Soldwedel
    Drums, Vocals


Heroes Die plays The Studio at Webster Hall

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